Bulk Kratom Capsules

Bulk Kratom Capsules

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The kratom market has come a long way and the further along we go, the more sophisticated become the tastes of kratom users the world over. Traditionally, kratom users have gotten used to the powder form of kratom and it has served us well the past few years.

However, people nowadays are looking for alternative ways they can take kratom at the convenience of their varying circumstances. How can you distill the kratom product in a way that makes it convenient for the user to take it regardless of present circumstances?

Enter the Kratom capsules. This revolutionary transformation of an in-demand product has only been met with open arms from the kratom community. In the vein of accessibility, kratom capsules have changed the way users are taking their favorite strain whenever and wherever they are.

What are Kratom Capsules?

Kratom is a popular plant close to the coffee family which is grown in the deep tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. Commonly, these forests are located in the Borneo, Sumatra or Bali regions. The lush forests are laden with nutrient-rich soil supplied by the many mineral water streams from the neighboring mountain region.

This ecosystem makes it an ideal setting upon which the Kratom plant can grow. Many various strains from red, green, white, and even yellow-colored veins have been produced from the many efforts of kratom cultivators. These are then subsequently distributed to much of the kratom market for public consumption

Kratom is available commercially in powder form. Many users mix the powder with water to create a tea drink. The problem, however, is the bitter taste of kratom drink. Many users tend to add sweet flavorings to make it more palatable at the risk of compromising the kratom quality.

Enter kratom capsules. These are the same powdered Kratom you know and love except their placed inside small capsule cases for public consumption. There are many unique benefits to be had for consuming kratom capsules over its powder counterpart.

The capsule form obviates the bitter taste during drinking or swallowing the powdered form. Some consumers may have inconvenient experiences where the kratom powder can get stuck on the throat leaving a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. The capsule is easily swallowed with water.

Another advantage of using the capsules is the ease of dosing. Many know that dosing is everything in the consumption of kratom. Capsules packaged in pre-determined doses for ease of use and estimation on the part of the user. It also facilitates ease of transport as it can be placed inside a small container as you bring it around with you.

What Are The Effects?

The effect or kratom capsules are largely dependent on which strain of powdered or crushed kratom is incorporated into the capsule. You can choose a wide variety of flavors ranging from red, to green, and white. There’s a kratom flavor in capsule form for every and any kratom enthusiast seeking out this option.

The advantage herein is that a user can better modulate the effects of the kratom capsule due to its discrete dosing forms. No more measuring out that powder – it’s all precalculated in easy-to-pop pills for your maximum convenience.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Powder, Gelatin Capsules
Capsule Size: 600 mg – 700 mg

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100 grams – 140 caps (approx.), 250 grams – 350 caps (approx.), 500 grams – 700 caps (approx.), 1000 grams – 1400 caps (approx.)


Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Super Green Malay, White Borneo, White Indo, White Maeng Da


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