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What is Get Kratom Today?

Get Kratom Today brings the top kratom brands and their details to one location. We do the research and share the information so you can make a detailed decision on which brand is best for you. We are dedicated to educating our visitors with unbiased, accurate and factual information for the brands and kratom. It is important that you understand the potential benefits and dangers of kratom use no matter your reason for using. We neither condone nor object to kratom use. It is your legal right to make an informed decision on your use or non-use of kratom. Should legitimate evidence arise regarding the safety of our users, Get Kratom Today will notify our database immediately.

Why We Created Get Kratom Today

Our journey with kratom began as many others, we simply asked, “What the hell is kratom?” This simple question introduced us to a world with two very different perspectives. On one hand, we met those that extolled the virtues of this plant. It helped people overcome the challenges associated with lifelong pain, sports injuries, surgery rehabilitation, anxiety, lack of focus, lack of energy, disrupted sleep, withdrawal from drug addiction, erectile dysfunction, diminished sexual desire and so many more challenges from people all around the globe. Critics of kratom were on the opposite end of the spectrum fighting to classify the plant as a class 1 controlled substance because of the lack of regulation and knowledge of the powder and the tendency for those with addictive personalities to overuse. As with any stimulant, responsible use is key to receiving the benefits while avoiding the negative effects.

There was very little, easily accessible information in the middle of these two perspectives. We sought out PhD’s to help us answer some of the science and we looked for fact based evidence that wasn’t tainted with opinion. We wanted personal testimonials and scientific study. We wanted the facts.

As our research continued, we witnessed the massive amount of brands and claims. Many are the same, “Best Quality”, “Pure Kratom”, “Best Strains”, “Straight from the Source”… What does any of it mean, how can they all be “The Best” and how does it help us when we are trying to make a decision on what to purchase.

We at Get Kratom Today live active lifestyles and were young athletes in football, soccer, tennis, running, rowing and more. As we got older, we remained active but the natural aches and pains increased. The pain level began to exceed the once enjoyable threshold of enduring pain for the ultimate increase in performance. We weren’t growing anymore.

Our backs hurt and every break we had when we were younger started to come back with sharp bursts while walking or competing in sport. There had to be an answer beyond prescription medication or over the counter NSAID’s which can all cause irreparable damage to your liver and other organs or lead to drug addiction. We desired a natural supplement to be used along with other performance enhancement methods.

Trying numerous brands of kratom came with numerous outcomes. We quickly realized that something we all had to accept in the world of kratom is inconsistency with product quality. There are plans in the works to overcome this obstacle, but in the meantime, this is a fact we all encounter.

That inconsistency worried us because bad quality kratom could result in the same type of damage the pharmaceuticals could cause. HOWEVER, good quality and consistency matched with education and proper use allowed us to receive all the benefits while reducing or even removing the negative attributes and side effects.


We focus on 5 key areas when rating brands:





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So how do we help you?

Get Kratom Today centralizes the information you need to make an educated decision on which brands are best for you, trustworthy and consistent based on the 5 areas of focus. You can spend less time scouring the internet and more time responsibly enjoying your life in sport, life with your family and life in your profession. We will continuously do our best to give you up to the date information about brands, education in the industry and work to create accountability with everyone who cares about this industry. There are a lot of well intentioned people who have been working at this for years. We will bring you the facts. Your health and improved quality of life is our focus.

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