Borneo Kratom Powder (Yellow Vein)

Borneo Kratom Powder (Yellow Vein)

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Even longtime kratom consumers have questions about yellow vein strains. Unlike green, red, and white strains, this kratom's yellow color is not a sign of its age at harvest but is actually the result of a unique drying process. Once quite rare, these varieties are becoming more commonly available now that this processing technique is more established. If you searching for an exciting new product, give this one a try.
Kratom grows indigenously across Southeast Asia, in places like Thailand and Malaysia, and a variety's origin is often part of its name. These days most kratom for sale in the United States comes from Indonesia, but strains typically retain characteristics of their seed lineage despite where they happen to be grown.

Our raw powders, leaf, and encapsulated products test at an average of >1.5% mitragynine.

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