Las Vegas, NV

Year Founded



Capsules, Powder

AKA GMP Certified:



30-day refund on open or unopened bags

Security and Payment Options

Visa, MC, ACH and E-Check (15% off), Bitcoin (15% off)

About Golden Monk

The Golden Monk is an approachable and professional brand. As opposed to just text describing themselves, true to their name, they opt for the feeling they create. They created this feeling with a video tracing the path from the source to the sale along with the Zen music.

They are a clean and well-organized facility that takes extra care in their preparation of the final product.

Some notable topics:

  1. Same-day shipping when orders placed before 10:00 AM PST
  2. American Kratom Association GMP Program
  3. Use a proper clean room and conduct 6 lab tests per ton
  4. Free USPS Priority on orders over $49.99
  5. Private packaging – Kratom and associated words aren’t listed on outside packaging
  6. Friendly phone and email customer support team
  7. 30-day Money-back satisfaction guarantee all of our products