Green Borneo Kratom Powder

Green Borneo Kratom Powder

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Green Vein Borneo, like White Vein Borneo, gets its name from the Island of Borneo in Indonesia. Green Borneo is the third most popular green vein strain behind Green Bali and Super Green Malaysian.


Ingredients: Mitragyna speciosa powder

Green Borneo Kratom has a potent, yet moderate performance. Those who’ve compared Green Borneo with the other direct members of its family, Red Borneo and White Borneo, refer to it as an all-in-one, middle of the road option. Just like the other Borneo veins, the green strain’s unique alkaloid and cell structure makeup comes from its place of origin.

History of Green Borneo Kratom

Borneo is one of the world’s largest islands. It’s so big, in fact, that three countries have divided up ownership over it. Indonesia’s territory in Borneo spans 73 percent of the island. There are many old growth forests covering Borneo. The very best spot for Kratom growth is located in the heart of Indonesia’s area. The naturally occurring soil and weather conditions deep in these forests give Red Borneo its distinctive aroma and performance.

How Popular is Green Borneo?

There are three green strains that stand above the rest in terms of popularity: Super Green Malay, Green Bali, and Green Borneo. Reddit’s Kratom forum includes a lot of threads about Green Borneo. In one, members discussed how “under-rated” Green Borneo is. Some said it’s on their “go-to list” and other characterized it as “acting a lot like a red.” The general consensus was that Green Borneo was a “favorite” among those in the thread.

The Average Price of Green Borneo Kratom

Fortunately, there are enough trees producing Green Borneo Kratom leaves for the price to be relatively inexpensive. If you just want to try it with a 28g package, you’ll have options ranging from $6.99 to $14.99. On the larger side, 100g-112g has a wide average range, starting as low as $19.99 and going up to $42.99.

Even though the prices are good for smaller quantities, you can save a lot of money with bulk Green Borneo Kratom powder. The Golden Monk offers 250g for only $49.99 and up to 1 kilo (1,000g) for $99.99. When you consider that even the most reasonably priced 100g package sells for $19.99 (or $199.99 to buy enough to equal 1 kilo), you can easily see the value of buying in bulk.

Similar Strains

Green Borneo provides an extra boost over Green Bali’s performance. It also acts as the perfect blend of Red and White Borneo.

What Makes Green Borneo the Right Choice?

If you enjoy Green Bali but are looking for something a bit stronger, you should definitely consider the potent performance of Green Borneo.

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250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams (1 kg)


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