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About Bulk Kratom Now
BKN focuses on offering an option usually reserved for suppliers. They are like Costco for kratom. Why buy small amounts more often when you can buy large amounts for less money? They pride themselves on giving wholesale discounts for quality kratom in powder and capsules.

The owners aim to make kratom more affordable to all, whether it be a single buyer on a tight budget, or a company looking for wholesale supply.
They offer over 30 different strains of powder and capsules. Where you may find the same kratom for higher prices elsewhere, BKN makes it a goal to sell the same quality at rock-bottom bulk pricing.

BKN tests for microbes (salmonella, e-coli, mold), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury) and alkaloids (mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine). Each batch of tests is tied to a lot number added to each bag for tracking.